DR 1-102

Series 12 - Episode 13 DR 1-102



Two room-mates are found bludgeoned to death in their flat, and the handyman is the prime suspect. As his options run out, he takes a hostage, forcing Southerlyn into a course of action that could jeopardise her career. Award-winning police drama, guest starring Gene Silvers, and Elisabeth Rohm.

Cast & Crew

Det Lennie Briscoe Jerry Orbach
Lt Anita Van Buren S Epatha Merkerson
ADA Jack McCoy Sam Waterston
ADA Serena Southerlyn Elisabeth Rohm
DA Nora Lewin Dianne Wiest
Raymond Hobbs Gene Silvers
Lydia Fernands Susan Blackwell
Judge Joseph Rivera Shawn Elliott
Capt Bolland David De Beck
Aaron Solomon John Benjamin Hickey
Director Richard Dobbs
Executive Producer Dick Wolf
Writer Marc Guggenheim
Writer Aaron Zelman
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