Buffy the Vampire Slayer


Series 6 - Episode 18 Entropy



Anya transforms back into a vengeance demon and returns to Sunnydale to punish Xander for leaving her at the altar. However, she finds she cannot exact magical vengeance for herself, only for others, so goes looking for someone to wish harm on her former fiance. Buffy discovers the Trio are spying on her, while Warren and Andrew suspect Jonathan's conscience is getting the better of him.

Cast & Crew

Buffy Summers Sarah Michelle Gellar
Anya Emma Caulfield
Xander Harris Nicholas Brendon
Willow Rosenberg Alyson Hannigan
Spike James Marsters
Dawn Summers Michelle Trachtenberg
Tara Maclay Amber Benson
Jonathan Levinson Danny Strong
Warren Meers Adam Busch
Andrew Wells Tom Lenk
Halfrek Kali Rocha
Director James A Contner
Writer Drew Z Greenberg
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