The Curse of Amenhotep

Series 3 - Episode 2 The Curse of Amenhotep



Father Brown, Mrs McCarthy and Lady Felicia’s tour of the Beresford private museum of Egyptian antiquities is cut short when the much younger new wife of famed archaeologist Sir Raleigh Beresford (Nicholas Farrell giving a hearty performance) is found dead inside a locked room in this episode from 2015.

Her final word was “Amenhotep” – the name of the pharaoh whose tomb Beresford disturbed in the 1920s – so the belief is that she was the victim of an ancient Egyptian curse not unlike that of Tutankhamun’s. To prove the theory, there are mummified corpses stumbling around the place like extras in Michael Jackson’s Thriller, but Father Brown’s not fooled by that.


The priest investigates when the new wife of Sir Raleigh is found dead in a locked room after seeing an Egyptian mummy. Crime drama, starring Mark Williams.

Cast & Crew

Young Raleigh Chris MacDonald
Young Evelyn Genevieve Gaunt
Father Brown Mark Williams
Lady Felicia Nancy Carroll
Mrs McCarthy Sorcha Cusack
Walter Hubble David Bamber
Valerie Oliphant Geraldine Alexander
Sir Raleigh Beresford Nicholas Farrell
Caterina Beresford Poppy Corby-Tuech
Leo Beresford Josh O'Connor
Inspector Sullivan Tom Chambers
Sgt Goodfellow John Burton
Director Matt Carter
Executive Producer Will Trotter
Producer Ceri Meyrick
Series Producer Sam Hill
Writer Jude Tindall
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