Rich, Russian and Living in London

Rich, Russian and Living in London


“You can fall in love with London every day… there are roses growing, there are no tall gates or walls,” says a young woman, one of the capital’s growing population of super-rich Russians.

She might have a particularly Pollyanna-ish view of the city, because stupendous amounts of money can put a gloss on everything, even a supposed lack of tall gates and walls. But these people have serious cash, which buys them the best houses and flats on the best sites, and of course the best furniture, cars and jewellery.

Though one Russian property finder reassures ordinary British people that we are not being pushed out of the housing market: “Would you ever be in [Mayfair or Knightsbridge]? Probably not.”


Documentary exploring the lives of wealthy Russians who have chosen to make London their home, looking at why they favoured the city and their obsessions with the English education system, polo and the monarchy. The film follows an art collector, an entrepreneur who says he was chased out of Russia for his liberal views and growing bank balance, and two debutantes preparing for the glitz and glamour of the prestigious Russian ball. The programme also offers an insight into the life of a leading Russian supermodel.

Cast & Crew

Director Polly Steele
Executive Producer Brian Woods