Deus Ex Machina

Deus Ex Machina



Feature-length episode. A Sudanese politician vows to go on hunger strike until the UK returns the skull of an important 19th-century ruler to his country. While searching for the article, Boyd is asked to re-open the case of an Iraqi shopkeeper murdered in front of his daughter 20 years ago. A tip-off from a Foreign Office official gives the team a lead - and as it probes further, it seems the two investigations could be connected. Trevor Eve stars.

Cast & Crew

Det Supt Peter Boyd Trevor Eve
Dr Grace Foley Sue Johnston
Dr Eve Lockhart Tara Fitzgerald
DI Spencer Jordan Wil Johnson
DC Stella Goodman Felicite Du Jeu
Catherine Braithwaite Polly Walker
Cyril Barrett Graham Crowden
James Andrews Alex Jennings
Elaine Wilson Lisa Jackson
Leila Jaffiri Houda Echouafni
Michael Leonard Adam James
Thomas Mckee Oliver Williams
Jaspers Burroughs Simon Delanley
Salma Ahmed Kananu Kirimi
Omar Jaffiri Hassani Shapi
Khaled Ahmed Abdi Gouhad
Lt Dyer Simon Thorp
Hassan Hadid Omar Mostafa
Young Leila Jaffiri Janine Viera
Anthony Lane-Kelly Simon Cook
Director Andy Hay
Producer Colin Wratten
Writer Nicholas Blincoe
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