The Snow Wolf Family and Me

The Snow Wolf Family and Me

Series 1 - Episode 2

Sat 27 Jan 11am - 12pm BBC Two


It is autumn on the remote Ellesmere Island in the Arctic, and young snow wolf pups are starting to find their feet. Cameraman Gordon Buchanan began this endearing nature series by staking out a wolf pack den, but now it’s not that simple: the whole pack, three youngsters included, are on the move.

Buchanan takes to a quad bike to keep pace with these boisterous, fascinating creatures. As he sheds his fear, so the wolves themselves become more relaxed around the peculiar human. You have to remind yourself these are wild animals, so happy are they to trot alongside him or sniff his heavy boots. Wolves may have a fearsome reputation, but at times it looks like nothing more than a man walking his dogs. But as winter hunger sets in, can this ‘‘domesticated” understanding survive?


Part two of two. Gordon Buchanan returns to Canada in the autumn to reunite with the Arctic wolves he has been following as they try to raise their pups and prepare for winter. The cameraman also walks with members of the pack as they hunt lemmings, musk oxen and hares and encounter a rival pack.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Gordon Buchanan
Producer Patrick Evans
Series Director Anwar Mamon
Series Producer Ted Oakes