Christmas Epic Fails

Christmas Epic Fails


It’s a terrible title, but this promises to be one of those easily dismissible, yet horribly alluring pieces of naff telly that pitter-patters into the wasteland between Christmas and New Year when you can’t be bothered to move from your nest of brazil-nut shells and shredded wrapping paper.

Epic Fails is presented by Angus Deayton, who’s good at this kind of thing, basically marshalling a clip show looking at festive disasters and curiosities. So expect odd, museum-piece cartoons, hideously cheesy songs, ghastly gifts and, best of all, television presenters from around the world having seasonal meltdowns. Just think of it as a grown-up You’ve Been Framed.


Angus Deayton celebrates the funny side of Christmas, featuring everything from cringeworthy gifts and festive fads to cheesy songs and unsettling Santas. There's a look back at the Krankies' Christmas TV special, a 1950s cartoon oddity with an unfortunate name and the Cabbage Patch Kids craze, as well as footage of Christmas light fails, a reindeer stuck on a rooftop and a very disappointing grotto. Angus also uncovers strange yuletide traditions from around the world and presents a collection of new television bloopers.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Angus Deayton
Director Derek Wheeler
Executive Producer Simon Withington
Executive Producer Lee Connolly
Producer Madeline Addy