The Queen's Garden

The Queen's Garden

Series 1 - Episode 2



The garden at Buckingham Palace has a head start on the rest of the south east of England. Flowers bloom, leaves unfurl and chicks hatch about a month earlier than anywhere else. That, Alan Titchmarsh explains, is not the result of a royal proclamation. It’s because the walled garden is sheltered from bad weather but also blanketed in the city’s warmth. When you see in the aerial shots how close this oasis is to London’s bustling streets you understand why.

In between snippets of historical information and archive footage, Titchmarsh explores the wildlife that thrives in the Queen’s back yard and records the transformation as winter moves into summer: the season of the garden party.


Part two of two. In winter, there are fewer tourists at Buckingham Palace, but Alan Titchmarsh discovers all manner of animal visitors to the grounds as he installs hidden cameras in trees and bird boxes. As spring arrives early, he learns about the garden's role as a nursery, not just to young animals but also to young royals. In late May, a transformation takes place - a tented village on the lawn is a sign that party season is coming, and the race is on for the gardeners to put the finishing touches to 12 months of work. The programme ends with the climax of the year, as the Queen attends a garden party to greet her guests.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Alan Titchmarsh
Director Martin Williams
Executive Producer Jeremy Bradshaw
Executive Producer Alice Keens-Soper
Producer Peter Collins