Flying to the Ends of the Earth

Flying to the Ends of the Earth

Series 2 - Episode 2



The personable, gung-ho former Royal Marine Arthur Williams, in a wheelchair after being paralysed by a car accident in 2007, is an object of real fascination among the people of a tiny South Pacific island.

He’s on Tanna, part of that pub quiz staple Vanuatu, among a community that believes the spirit of Second World War airman John Frum lives in a volcano. After a trip to the volcano, which is active and routinely hurls out ash and debris, Williams is dragged into some kind of ceremony.

Two elderly women grab hold of his legs to try to heal his paralysis, leaving Williams bemused but – just about – genial. “Just… wow!” is all he can muster as he’s set upon, then, bafflingly, has a guitar thrust into his hands.

Elsewhere he visits an island devastated by a cyclone, and goes fishing – by hand.


Arthur Williams flies to the islands of the South Pacific and meets Tracey Johnson, who has turned the luxury retreat of Wadigi into a bolthole for celebrities and the super-rich. He also visits the islands of Vanuatu, where he meets flying doctor Mark Turnball, who takes him up in his plane on his daily rounds - to the island of Mota, where Arthur is roped in to a spot of bush dentistry, pulling teeth without anaesthetic. Finally, Arthur takes his life in his hands as he attempts to land on the slopes of an active volcano on the island of Tanna.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Arthur Williams
Executive Producer Alistair Pegg
Producer Sophie Kaye
Series Director Eoin O'Shea