Don't Tell the Bride

Holly & Cole

Series 12 - Episode 3 Holly & Cole



I don’t know about you, but I can’t resist a man who gets his excuses in early. “I’m really laid-back”, “I’m very chilled out”, “Sometimes it takes me a while” – just a few of the caveats proffered by gnome enthusiast Cole ahead of the three-week period he has to mastermind his nuptials to fiancée Holly.

She’s a traditional girl, doesn’t want anything wacky; he’s all ears, and plans a Wild West-themed wedding, which violates a few of my own personal provisos – no livestock, no firearms, no tins of beans, no chafing. Will Holly gamely grit her teeth and humour proceedings? They usually do, in this, television’s finest celebration of female resilience.


Bride-to-be Holly is hoping for a warm, cosy family wedding, but her cowboy-loving fiance Cole has a Wild West theme in mind and has three weeks to plan the occasion.
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