Cash Trapped

Series 1 - Episode 1



Bradley Walsh is always good value as a quiz-show host, but he also came up with the concept for this game himself (he’s played it with friends for years). And it’s great fun.

The rules are too complicated to explain here, but tactics are important – the six players must actively sabotage their opponents’ chances. The catchphrase “no one leaves until someone wins” means the person who’s won the most money each day takes on the others for the right to take it home. If that person loses, they return the next day with nothing. It’s engrossing and fast, while the contestants seem to have been chosen for likeable personalities as well as knowledge.


Quiz hosted by Bradley Walsh in which six contestants battle it out across a series of fast-paced question rounds where the players must actively try to sabotage their opponents by beating them to the buzzer and trapping them out of the game. In the final round of each episode, the person who has earned the most cash will go head to head against the rest of the group to try to take their winnings home.

Cast & Crew

Host Bradley Walsh
Executive Producer Glenn Hugill
Series Producer Sarah Timbury