Brief Encounters

Brief Encounters

Series 1 - Episode 5



It’s Dawn’s wedding day and you wonder if this initially sunny drama has lost its way a bit, what with its slightly schematic plotting and too many dark turns offset by brief interludes of saccharine sentimentality. “What idiot would be stupid enough to agree to that?” is Dawn’s vile father’s less-than-kind response to the news of her imminent nuptials – before we’re invited to share the joke about her new haircut. Does she look like Brian May or Cher?

But at least the wedding manages to pull together all the disparate plotlines of crime, extramarital affairs and the long-lost parentage in one huge emotional stew. “We’re not in a Jackie Collins novel,” says Pauline at one point. Could have fooled me.

The fallout from Terry’s infidelity continues with some big news from Lisa; and Steph (Sophie Rundle) still needs to choose between her wayward husband and cop-with-a-heart Johnny (Ben Bailey Smith), who’s reeling from being rejected by birth mother Pauline (Penelope Wilton). The climax may hold few surprises, but the 80s tunes continue to be cracking.


Dawn and Russell's wedding reception at the pub is the scene for a number of confrontations, heart-to-hearts and surprises. Terry storms out after an argument with Steph, while the bride's father Len turns up unannounced but is he there to make amends or cause trouble? Later, Pauline bumps into Johnny and tells him untruths about Steph's feelings for him as she desperately tries to protect herself and Brian. Drama, starring Penelope Wilton, Sophie Rundle, Angela Griffin and Sharon Rooney.

Cast & Crew

Steph Sophie Rundle
Nita Angela Griffin
Dawn Sharon Rooney
Pauline Penelope Wilton
Brian Peter Wight
Terry Karl Davies
Johnny Ben Bailey Smith
Kieren Don Gilet
Russell Will Merrick
Hellie Chloe Pirrie
Lisa Gina Bramhill
Barry Kent Riley
Len Wayne Foskett
Widowed Linda Souad Faress
Simon James Burrows
Stanley Fin Campbell
Dougie Samuel Edward-Cook
Graham James Boyland
Dull Karen Tanya Vital
PC Martin Rob Norbury
Richie Theo Graham
Uncle Howard Jeff Alexander
Older man Mark Jameson
Spotty Kevin Deon Lee-Williams
Registrar Claire Lacey
Sarg James Puddephatt
Director Joss Agnew
Executive Producer Arabella McGuigan
Executive Producer Danielle Lux
Executive Producer Oriane Messina
Executive Producer Fay Rusling
Producer Jo Willett
Writer Oriane Messina
Writer Fay Rusling
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