Kate Humble: My Sheepdog and Me

Kate Humble: My Sheepdog and Me



Most of those clever working dogs you’ve seen rushing about on One Man and His Dog are border collies, but you may occasionally have spotted a Welsh sheepdog, identifiable mainly by their “upright” style of herding. Sadly, there are few of them left: there are now 2,000 registered dogs in the UK, though their numbers had dwindled as low as 80. So Kate Humble is hoping to help continue the line by breeding her much-loved dog Teg, who is of Welsh sheepdog descent.

But before she can be awarded a breeding licence, Teg must be assessed for her herding style. Although Teg “has a paw in both camps – part pet, part working dog”, she does reasonably well, even if Kate is not so good, admitting “I feel that I’m letting Teg down”.

For dog fanatics the details are absorbing, but surely everyone will adore the relationship between Kate and her lovely dog. And you’d need a heart of stone not to go “Aahhhh” over Teg’s litter of cute puppies.


The broadcaster sets out to breed Welsh sheepdog puppies from her beloved pet Teg, learns about the threat facing British herding dogs and tries to train Teg to work in the traditional Welsh way. Along the way, Kate meets a team at the University of Aberystwyth whose groundbreaking DNA research reveals some remarkable facts about the breed, and if Teg can produce a litter of healthy puppies, it would play a big part in helping one of Britain's unique herding dogs survive for generations to come.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Kate Humble
Director Raquel Toniolo
Producer Raquel Toniolo