An Hour to Save Your Life

An Hour to Save Your Life

Series 3 - Episode 2



Watching three seriously injured people being treated by paramedics at the scene of their accident, you can’t imagine that any of them is going to survive.

Following a car accident, 24-year-old Jacqueline, for instance, has such a badly fractured skull that brain matter is being squeezed out through the bone cracks “like toothpaste from a tube”. Amazingly, before she’s even been moved into the ambulance, the roadside team scans her brain for potentially fatal hidden blood clots.

But recovery for her, as well as the other two trauma cases (including another severe head injury) isn’t guaranteed and one of them is left with some neurological impairment.


Cameras follow attempts to help Christy, a Bristol pedestrian hit by a car. In hospital, her brain begins to swell rapidly and she undergoes an emergency operation to remove part of her skull. Meanwhile, medics assist lorry driver Peter who was run over by a forklift truck, and has suffered a pelvic fracture. There's also a report on back seat passenger Jaqueline, who is involved in serious road traffic collision. Having sustained an open skull fracture to her forehead, she begins to lose consciousness and clinicians suspect she may be bleeding in her brain.

Cast & Crew

Director Jonathan Low
Executive Producer Fiona Caldwell
Producer Jonathan Low
Series Producer Simon Gilchrist
Science Documentary