One Punch Killers

One Punch Killers


Poet Aaron Roach Bridgeman examines lives devastated by a single blow. No stranger to youthful dust-ups himself, he follows a number of sobering cases in which one punch, thrown in the midst of a drunken argument, unprovoked, or in response to racist abuse, has killed.

He talks to the relatives of victims, now campaigning for sentences to be increased. As one victim, Nick Hendry, who spent a month in a coma, says, “whether it’s a gun or a fist, it’s a life.”


Cameras follow Aaron Roach Bridgeman as he hears from the families of people who died after being struck just once by an assailant, and investigates the science behind the violence to find out exactly how a single punch can kill. He also tracks down the perpetrator of one of these attacks to get his side of the story, and brings him together with the mother of the man he killed to find out if she can ever truly forgive him for the death of her son.

Cast & Crew

Contributor Aaron Roach Bridgeman
Director Nathaniel Lippiett
Executive Producer Bernie Kay
Executive Producer Will Smith
Producer Nathaniel Lippiett