Don't Tell the Bride

Bianca and Adam

Series 12 - Episode 1 Bianca and Adam

Tomorrow 12pm - 1pm E4


There is nothing quite as romantic, I’ve always thought, as the extra legroom seats of a budget 737 – so tonight’s mile-high opener as the series makes its Sky1 debut (following the same treasured BBC3 format) is a seductive treat.

Welsh couple Adam and heavily pregnant Bianca met on Tinder, and Adam – the charmer - has devised a scheme based on the dating app, in which Bianca blindly makes every wedding-based decision, so he cannot be blamed if she doesn’t like it. Men, eh?

So they’re to be married on a plane, and quelle surprise, she doesn’t like it much, but handles her dismay with remarkable composure. I’d have jumped headfirst out of the emergency exit. Sterling telly.


The programme in which a groom takes sole charge of organising his wedding transfers to Sky, with the first episode seeing Adam being given just three weeks, £14,000 and the help of his best men to give his fiancee Bianca the wedding of her dreams. The pregnant bride-to-be would like a simple, classic day to remember, but Adam has other plans.