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After intriguing audiences abroad and on Amazon Prime for the last year, this Golden-Globe-winning cyber-thriller finally gets an airing on a UK channel - and it's well worth the wait. 

The story of how hacker-turned-computer-security-man Elliot (Rami Malek) is recruited by an anarchic "hacktivist" group led by an enigmatic Christian Slater (the titular Mr Robot) is far more entertaining than a series all about people basically just writing computer code has any right to be. And reportedly more accurate than the majority of films or TV shows that show computer geniuses cracking codes.


Elliot faces a difficult dilemma when he is given a chance to take a job working for a major company, or join 'fsociety', an exclusive group of hackers.

Cast & Crew

Elliot Alderson Rami Malek
Mr Robot Christian Slater
Angela Moss Portia Doubleday
Darlene Carly Chaikin
Tyrell Wellick Martin Wallström