Series 1 - Episode 1 Law



Here's a hearty half-hour of catharsis for those with post-millennial tension. Henry Palmer (Simon Callow) is a potty-mouthed Victor Meldrew on steroids. His despairing daughter and drippy son-in-law don't know what to do with him — perhaps lending him a Coldplay CD will calm him down. "At least [the 60s bands] were rebelling against something," snarls Henry in response. He also has issues with beards, sushi and skateboards — inconvenient, as he lives in Brighton.

But the likeable curmudgeon soon goes a bit wild, firebombing a cash machine and punching a policeman. While you have to admire his pluck, it's not doing him much good – he's still a miserable sod.


Comedy starring Simon Callow as respectable, recently bereaved 70-year-old Henry Palmer, who has spent 50 years putting his youthful past as a Mod behind him. In the opening episode, Henry confronts a bearded thief raiding the till from his favourite charity shop. However, useless copper PC Burns stops Henry from making a citizen's arrest and instead accuses him of a homophobic attack on the thief. With Anita Dobson and Philip Cumbus.

Cast & Crew

Henry Palmer Simon Callow
Cath Anna Crilly
Jeremy Amit Shah
Margaret Anita Dobson
PC Burns Philip Cumbus