The Joy of Data

The Joy of Data


We live in a data-driven world, where every industry you can think of relies on digital data, and there’s the constant threat of drowning in information overload. But why are we so enamoured of all this stuff, and how did we get to this point? Happily the enthusiastic Dr Hannah Fry — the Beeb’s new go-to mathematician — is here to throw us a lifebelt with this witty explainer. A Data 101, if you will.

She argues that data is the bridge essential for scientific discovery, to move from theory to proof, from problem to solution — and invaluable in the complex modern world. Along the way you’ll learn how J Lyons, purveyor of fine British tea and cakes, was at the forefront of the computer revolution and how Scrabble is linked to watching HD films on your smartphone.


Mathematician Dr Hannah Fry explores the world of data, revealing exactly what it is and how it is captured, stored, shared and made sense of. She tells the story of the engineers of the data age, who brought about a technological and philosophical revolution, and confesses that, for her, the joy of data is all about spotting patterns.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Dr Hannah Fry
Contributor James Wright
Contributor Prof Luciano Floridi
Contributor Dr Aileen Fyfe
Contributor Frank Land
Contributor Mary Coombs
Contributor Derek Jolly
Contributor Paul Dixon
Contributor Dr Simon DeDeo
Contributor Prof Tim Hitchcock
Contributor Roger Scantlebury
Contributor Prof Dave Cliff
Contributor Stephen Hilton
Contributor Ian Craddock
Contributor Peter Flach
Director Catherine Gale
Executive Producer Archie Baron
Producer Catherine Gale
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