I to Die, You to Live

Series 1 - Episode 2 I to Die, You to Live



Devotees of BBC4’s Saturday-night double bills of foreign thrillers will recognise this instantly as an American remake of the Belgian drama, Cordon, shown last year. It’s pretty much a word-for-word, scene-by-scene remake, with the action transplanted to Atlanta, Georgia. But it’s effective and absorbing, even if you know what’s coming.

Tapping into fears about bioterrorism and mass migration (a Syrian illegal is patient zero, I bet Donald Trump will love that), a city hospital becomes the epicentre of an outbreak of a deadly virus. After staff become infected and die in a very nasty way, the hospital locks down, trapping a group of visiting school kids and their hapless teacher.

Meanwhile on the outside, government scientists decide that their only course of action is to throw a cordon sanitaire around a district hit by the highest level of exposure.


Lex learns that a woman who had close contact with an infected patient is missing, Jake spirals out of control, Katie keeps an eye on her students, and Teresa makes a discovery.

Cast & Crew

Jake Chris Wood
Alex `Lex' Carnahan David Gyasi
Katie Frank Kristen Gutoskie
Teresa Hanna Mangan Lawrence
Jana Christina Marie Moses
Leo Trevor St John
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