100 Year Old Drivers Rebooted

100 Year Old Drivers Rebooted

Series 1 - Episode 1



Harry is a genial 102-year-old who lives life with brio. He’s happy to put up with a century’s build-up of earwax because it means he doesn’t have to listen to people. Particularly his 70-year-old son, who wants his dad to hear properly so he can have a “social life”.

But Harry is having none of it: “I don’t want a social life. I don’t want to see other people, they get on my nerves.” And as his son belabours him about the dangers of driving with bad hearing Harry, in a magnificent non sequitur, bellows at him, “Don’t get me any sausages!”

Harry, a star of last year’s 100-Year-Old Drivers, is one of a clutch of elderly men and women who defy age to continue driving. But there’s a sad postscript.


On the road with some of Britain's oldest motorists, including a 102-year-old man who is determined to continue driving, despite struggling to hear. Alan Higgens undertakes an epic journey with his granddaughter to track down a girl he met 75 years ago, while 100-year-old Jock Stares still goes out on his scooter every day. Plus, 95-year-old Tom Lackey has a taste for wing-walking, and 99-year-old Mary Ellis is on a quest to track down her beloved rally car.

Cast & Crew

Director Harry Beney
Executive Producer Dan Barraclough
Producer Harry Beney