Murder in Successville

A Horse Called Alan

Episode 3 A Horse Called Alan



There’s been another murder in Successville. This week D.I. Sleet is joined by sports pundit Chris Kamara. They discover that Successville’s most successful race horse - Alan Shearer, has been murdered. After meeting all three suspects, it’s time for Chris Kamara to decide - who killed racehorse Alan Shearer?

Cast & Crew

DI Sleet Tom Davis
Celebrity Sidekick Chris Kamara
John Bishop Kevin Bishop
Gordon Ramsay Liam Hourican
Tom Daley Luke Kempner
Kanye West Jason Lewis
Cara Delevingne Ellie White
Production Company
Executive Producer Andy Brereton
Producer Avril Spary
Director James De Frond
Scriptwriter James Menzies
Scriptwriter Lucien Young
Scriptwriter Tom Davis
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