Series 1 - Episode 2 Charity



Now that we've got used to Henry's bad behaviour, the series' shock tactics have started to lose their impact. What we do get in this episode is pathos, as we witness the septuagenarian miscreant tucking his wife's ashes into bed after smoking a fat joint. "She's been gone six months now. That didn't stop us from having an argument last night," he later tells his son-in-law.

Perhaps in search of redemption, he soon finds himself signing up for charity work at a church – only to find his partner in crime and best mate Charles there. And he's turned over a new leaf. Apparently.


Henry is worried that Charles may have gone missing and finds a man wearing his friend's hat who says he bought it in a new charity shop in a converted church. Comedy, starring Simon Callow, Bill Paterson and Anita Dobson.

Cast & Crew

Henry Palmer Simon Callow
Margaret Anita Dobson
Charles Bill Paterson