Fixing Dad

Fixing Dad


You may have heard about this film. It’s the story of how two brothers decided to tackle their father’s health problems and make him well again. Their dad, Geoff, is overweight, has type-two diabetes, heart problems and foot conditions that if unchecked could requite amputation. But he is also, for them, a “superhero” and a (magnificently) “stubborn old git”.

That works in his favour when they set him the task of training for a 100-mile cycle ride. There are fierce arguments along the way, of the kind only close family can have, but it’s an inspiring story. “Sometimes,” says Geoff, “The person you were meant to be hides in a corner under a pile of life’s debris.”


Two brothers document their efforts to ensure their father adopts a healthier lifestyle. Security guard Geoff Whitington suffers from a variety of conditions liked to type two diabetes, which nearly resulted in him having to have a foot amputated and which have left him resigned to a premature death. His sons refuse to accept this, and set him a series of challenges to change his lifestyle, with the ultimate goal of cycling 100 miles.

Cast & Crew

Director Anthony Whitington
Director Ian Whitington
Producer Anthony Whitington
Producer Ian Whitington