Brief Encounters

Brief Encounters

Series 1 - Episode 4



For lovers of 1980s pop (and if you aren’t one, why ever not?), there’s a treat on Brief Encounters’ soundtrack, an appearance by the thrilling The Safety Dance from Men Without Hats (“We can dance if we want to, we can leave your friends behind…”).

The music’s great, it’s a shame the drama has to get in the way. Just as Steph, the Ann Summers rep, becomes more confident, she’s given a nasty knockback, while her nice policeman sometime-boyfriend drops a bombshell that will surely reverberate around the little group.

And there’s a terrible party thrown by over-arching snob Bunny (the great Pippa Haywood), a middle-class archetype with a small mind and silly preoccupations.


At a recruitment fair at the community centre, Steph chats to the caretaker and agrees to go to his house to talk to his wife about hosting a party - a decision that may have far-reaching consequences. Dawn has to think seriously about her future when Russell tells her he can't cope with all the fuss she is making over their wedding preparations, while Nita puts her family first and gives Kieran an alibi for the hit-and-run. Drama, starring Penelope Wilton, Sophie Rundle, Angela Griffin and Sharon Rooney.

Cast & Crew

Steph Sophie Rundle
Nita Angela Griffin
Dawn Sharon Rooney
Pauline Penelope Wilton
Brian Peter Wight
Terry Karl Davies
Johnny Ben Bailey Smith
Kieren Don Gilet
Russell Will Merrick
Hellie Chloe Pirrie
Joan Felicity Montagu
Bunny Pippa Haywood
Gary Duncan Pow
Donald Geoff McGivern
Widowed Linda Souad Faress
Stanley Fin Campbell
Gobby Sharon Gemma Dobson
Neville Steve Garti
Richie Theo Graham
Dull Karen Tanya Vital
Frankie Pyland Kailum Richardson
Eva Bundy Julie Higginson
Dean Daniel Sharp
PC Martin Rob Norbury
Director Marek Losey
Executive Producer Arabella McGuigan
Executive Producer Danielle Lux
Executive Producer Oriane Messina
Executive Producer Fay Rusling
Producer Jo Willett
Writer Oriane Messina
Writer Fay Rusling
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