School Reunion

Series 2 - Episode 3 School Reunion



As the Doctor investigates reports of strange creatures haunting a London school, he encounters an old friend and her faithful robot companion. Meanwhile, Rose learns a few harsh truths from her predecessor about travelling with a Time Lord. Anthony Head guest stars, and Elisabeth Sladen, who accompanied Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker's Doctors in the 1970s, reprises her role as journalist Sarah Jane Smith.

Cast & Crew

The Doctor David Tennant
Rose Tyler Billie Piper
Mickey Smith Noel Clarke
Mr Parsons Rod Arthur
Mr Wagner Eugene Washington
Nina Heather Cameron
Kenny Joe Pickley
Luke Benjamin Smith
Milo Clem Tibber
Melissa Lucinda Dryzek
Sarah Jane Smith Elisabeth Sladen
Mr Finch Anthony Head
Dinner lady Caroline Berry
Voice of K9 John Leeson
Director James Hawes
Producer Phil Collinson
Writer Toby Whitehouse
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