Tiger Shark Beach

Tiger Shark Beach


Here’s one shark fact you probably won’t know: Discovery’s Shark Week has been running every year since 1988! But after a few years when fiction started taking over from fact – one 2014 “documentary” tried to claim that one extinct species was still alive – we’re now back on track with some real science. And some familiar faces: look out on Tuesday at 10pm for Monty Halls as he follows the sharks chasing sardines off the South African coast.

The week-long season kicks off tonight with three new docs about three different species. There are fresh insights into the life cycle of the notorious tiger shark at 8pm; scientists track the elusive mako in New Mexico at 9pm; while at 10pm an uncharted island off south Australia is found to harbour a whole school of great whites.


Dr Neil Hammerschlag offers answers to some of the most important questions about the tiger shark's life cycle, including where they mate, gestate and give birth.