Wild France with Ray Mears

The Vanoise

Series 1 - Episode 1 The Vanoise



Ray Mears must be able to write these programmes in his sleep by now. “A naturalist’s dream… many different habitats…hidden wonders…unique wildlife…unspoilt wilderness...” That’s how he describes rural France in this new series, but not dissimilar to the way he has talked in the past about Australia, Britain, Canada – wherever he goes, in fact.

But that’s fine, because his escapist enthusiasm takes us to places we wish we could be – this week, picture-book Alpine meadows as he treks through the Vanoise National Park in spring. While accordions play dutifully on the soundtrack (because we’re in France, you see) he meets light-footed ibex, burly marmots and an incredibly rare vulture.


Ray explores the geography, flora and fauna of six areas of France, beginning by visiting Vanoise National Park in the Rhone-Alpes region of the south-east of the country. His journey sees him forage in alpine meadows, herd goats, track ibex and spot playful marmots, before he treks to the top of a mountain in search of the bearded vulture - one of the rarest birds in Europe.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Ray Mears
Executive Producer Andrea Cornes
Series Director Phil Coles
Series Producer Beth Sowersby