Brief Encounters

Brief Encounters

Series 1 - Episode 1



The creaky nudge-nudge title gives us a steer – Brief Encounters is a comedy drama about women’s underwear parties. I think it’s meant to be a female Full Monty, but without the wit, fun and insight.

It’s 1982 and in Sheffield Steph (Sophie Rundle) is a cleaner with a dull husband who loses his job. The couple need to make ends meet so she answers an ad to sell Ann Summers sex aids at parties. Of course, her husband is narrow-minded and furious.

Steph’s employer, bored, lonely Pauline (Penelope Wilton), married to a pillar of the local community and “The Rotary”, rattles around in an unspeakably ugly house (it’s the 1980s, so everything has to look hideous). But she asserts herself – she’ll host the party!

There’s a terrific 80s soundtrack (Vienna! Love Action!) and if you like gags about vibrators, you’ll be in heaven.


Going against the wishes of her family, married mother-of-one Steph makes a life-changing decision to become an Ann Summers demonstrator and run parties selling exotic lingerie. She enlists the help of her new friend Nita and persuades well-to-do acquaintance Pauline to host an evening, but fears it might not really be the right crowd to sell to. Drama set in Sheffield in 1982, starring Sophie Rundle, Penelope Wilton, Angela Griffin and Sharon Rooney.

Cast & Crew

Steph Sophie Rundle
Nita Angela Griffin
Dawn Sharon Rooney
Pauline Penelope Wilton
Brian Peter Wight
Terry Karl Davies
Johnny Ben Bailey Smith
Kieren Don Gilet
Russell Will Merrick
Hellie Chloe Pirrie
Joan Felicity Montagu
Bunny Pippa Haywood
Lisa Gina Bramhill
Barry Kent Riley
Dean Daniel Sharp
Nessa Chloe Boye
Miss James Marie Ekins
Newsagent Roger Bingham
Gordon Pablo Raybould
Maurice Cole Daniel Poyser
Mrs Wyatt Alyson Marks
Pamela Suzanne Procter
Jim Phil Rowson
Richie Theo Graham
Religious Rose Gail Kemp
Widowed Linda Souad Faress
Dull Karen Tanya Vital
Estelle Elsie Kelly
Dr Henderson Simon Lawson
Director Jill Robertson
Executive Producer Danielle Lux
Executive Producer Arabella McGuigan
Executive Producer Oriane Messina
Executive Producer Fay Rusling
Producer Jo Willett
Writer Fay Rusling
Writer Oriane Messina
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