Wentworth Prison

Poking Spiders

Series 4 - Episode 2 Poking Spiders



Vera, Bridget and Bea are forced to collaborate when Ferguson launches a campaign to be released into the general prison population - a move that would place the former governor in considerable danger and reflect badly on the current one should anything go wrong. Meanwhile, Kaz stages a naked protest in the yard to try to force Vera to grant conjugal visits, but it ends in chaos as she and Will have a charged altercation.

Cast & Crew

Bea Smith Danielle Cormack
Franky Doyle Nicole da Silva
Joan Ferguson Pamela Rabe
Vera Bennett Kate Atkinson
Liz Birdsworth Celia Ireland
Doreen Anderson Shareena Clanton
Sue `Boomer' Jenkins Katrina Milosevic
Will Jackson Robbie Magasiva
Maxine Conway Socratis Otto
Karen `Kaz' Proctor Tammy MacIntosh
Allie Novak Kate Jenkinson
Jake Stewart Bernard Curry
Sonia Stevens Sigrid Thornton
Bridget Westfall Libby Tanner
Linda Miles Jacqueline Brennan
Derek Channing Martin Sacks
Director Kevin Carlin
Executive Producer Jo Porter
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