The Fires of Pompeii

Series 4 - Episode 2 The Fires of Pompeii



Donna and the Doctor face their greatest challenge yet as they learn whether established history can be changed. Finding themselves in 79AD, the time travellers discover beasts of stone running riot in the streets of Pompeii. With guest stars Phil Davis (Whitechapel) and the show's future leads Peter Capaldi and Karen Gillan.

Cast & Crew

The Doctor David Tennant
Donna Noble Catherine Tate
Caecillius Peter Capaldi
Lucius Phil Davis
Soothsayer Karen Gillan
Stallholder Phil Cornwell
Spurrina Sasha Behar
Thalina Lorraine Burroughs
Metella Tracey Childs
Evelina Francesca Fowler
Quintus Francois Pandolfo
High Priestess Victoria Wicks
Major Domo Gerard Bell
Director Colin Teague
Producer Phil Collinson
Writer James Moran
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