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Series 6 - Episode 13 Breaking News



The Philadelphia Homicide squad reopens a murder case from 1988 when new evidence is found. Lilly and the team reinvestigate when previously unseen TV footage suggests a reporter may have been killed because she possessed damning information against a plastics company that was exposing its employees to dangerous levels of asbestos, with the victim's primary source being an afflicted worker.

Cast & Crew

Lilly Rush Kathryn Morris
Scotty Valens Danny Pino
John Stillman John Finn
Nick Vera Jeremy Ratchford
Will Jeffries Thom Barry
Kat Miller Tracie Thoms
Frankie Rafferty Tania Raymonde
Jane Everett Dorian Brown
Nathan Kravet John Cirigliano
David Wyatt Steven Flynn
Tory Roberts Courtney Ford
Evan Briggs Jack Kehler
Mort Ackerson David Starzyk
Evan Briggs Bradford Tatum
Margie Everett Myra Turley
Mort Ackerson Tom Hallick
David Wyatt Adam O'Byrne
Nathan Kravet David Eigenberg
Director Holly Dale
Writer Erica Shelton
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