Travel Agents

Series 4 - Episode 7 Travel Agents



The unravelling that happens when an undercover agent is exposed makes for the best episode of The Americans for a while. The FBI are quietly appalled as the evidence mounts that Martha was passing secrets to the Russians: “I’m in charge of FBI counter-intelligence and my secretary married a KGB officer,” says a grim-faced Gaad as the truth sinks in, and we get the feeling his days in the job are numbered.

Meanwhile, Martha herself is somewhere at large in Washington, exposed in every sense, and the race is on between the two sides as to who will find her first. As she wanders in a wintry park and considers suicide, she looks as lost as anyone could be.


Martha is full of confusion and fear after escaping the safe house, so she calls Philip, who convinces her to stay put - but Elizabeth gets to the fugitive secretary first.

Cast & Crew

Elizabeth Jennings Keri Russell
Philip Jennings Matthew Rhys
William Dylan Baker
Dennis Aderholt Brandon J Dirden
Arkady Zotov Lev Gorn
Oleg Burov Costa Ronin
Henry Jennings Keidrich Sellati
Paige Jennings Holly Taylor
Frank Gaad Richard Thomas
Martha Hanson Alison Wright
Stan Beeman Noah Emmerich
Gabriel Frank Langella
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