Secrets of Growing Up

Secrets of Growing Up


The case studies in this pop-science survey are extraordinary. We hear how when Jayden was five he ran into the road and was hit by a car travelling at 35mph, but jumped up and walked away with barely a scratch (the lesson being that children have more natural cushioning and bendy bones). Jamie built a nuclear fusion reactor when he was 13 (we’re better at solving problems as teenagers). Seventeen-year-old Harry climbs high-rise buildings at night (teenage boys are nutters, or at least, hooked on dopamine).

Martin Clunes narrates a breezy and beautifully filmed look at these and other changes as our bodies get big.


Documentary revealing the surprising secrets of growing up, from girls developing faster than boys during childhood, to taking risks and staying in bed until past midday as teenagers, and eventually becoming emotionally mature during the final stages of the process. Narrated by Martin Clunes.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Martin Clunes
Director Luke Wiles
Editor Adam Coates
Editor Paula Dinan
Executive Producer Alice Keens-Soper
Executive Producer Michael Massey
Producer Luke Wiles
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