Wild Australia with Ray Mears


Series 1 - Episode 6 Desert



The geographic centre of Australia is an arid wilderness that from the air looks like the red surface of Mars. But although it’s an extremely harsh environment, there are some forms of wildlife that can survive out here.

Among them are red kangaroos that have developed the ability to smell underground water, rock wallabies and the elusive dingo.

But, even though he gets help from a couple of Aborigines, animals are hard to find. So the highlight for Mears is when he spots a wallaroo hiding amongst some rocks and spends a delighted few minutes playing peekaboo with the shy creature. Daft but charming.


Ray concludes his expedition with a visit to the desert. He flies past the Uluru monolith in a helicopter, before he camps under the stars and spotting a variety of marsupials, including the red kangaroo.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Ray Mears
Executive Producer Andrea Cornes
Series Director Phil Coles
Series Producer Sally-Anne Lomas