March of the Dinosaurs

March of the Dinosaurs

Series 1 - Episode 2



Part two of two. CGI adventure telling the story of an epic migration undertaken by a herd of dinosaurs in the Arctic 70 million years ago. The film focuses on a vulnerable young Edmontosaurus making his first migration, as he and his fellow creatures have to undertake their treacherous 1,000-mile journey - or face four months of perpetual night and potential starvation in the polar winter. In their bid to find the sun, however, they must survive flash floods, landslides and droughts - as well as a host of deadly predators. Stephen Fry narrates.

Cast & Crew

Narrator Stephen Fry
Director Matthew Thompson
Executive Producer Jasper James
Executive Producer Pauline Duffy
Executive Producer Elliott Halpern
Writer Matthew Thompson
Writer Jasper James
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