Secrets of Growing Old

Secrets of Growing Old


The gist of this upbeat overview is: growing old is great. Martin Clunes reels off scientific research that shows as we age we’re happier, wiser, more creative, more appreciative, more honest, have bigger feet and so on.

And we meet a string of phenomenal 80-plus characters: Dilys skydives at 83; Julie is an 81-year-old stand-up comic; there’s a 78-year-old judo master. They are all justifiably proud of how well preserved they are, but after a while the breezy positivity of the programme starts to wear.

TV sometimes portrays older people as if they’re inherently sad but this suggests they’re superhuman. There may be a middle way.


Documentary unravelling the secrets of ageing, including the changing attitudes to `growing old', with examples of people who are defying preconceptions of what it means to be `old'. Scientists estimate that one in five people will live to be 100, with at least one baby born this year likely to reach the age of 150. The programme meets 83-year-old Dilys Price, who is now the world's oldest skydiver after refusing to give up, 96-year-old Charles Eugster, who has the body of a man 30 years younger, and 82-year-old Alan Wrigley, who is one of the most valuable employees at B&Q in Rochdale.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Martin Clunes
Director Luke Wiles
Editor Adam Coates
Executive Producer Alice Keens-Soper
Executive Producer Michael Massey
Producer Luke Wiles
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