Yeti: Myth, Man or Beast?

Yeti: Myth, Man or Beast?


Scientist Mark Evans enlists the aid of an international team of geneticists as he sets out to determine whether there is a rational explanation for the legendary Tibetan yeti. Mark's investigation centres on two competing theories, the first being that the `Abominable Snowman' is in fact a species of `human' marginalised by the rise of homo sapiens, the other stating that the yeti is some form of previously undiscovered bear. Renowned mountaineer Reinhold Messner - who claims to have encountered a yeti - weighs in on the subject, subscribing to the latter theory, while Professor Rasmus Neilsen shares his research into the Denisovans, a long-lost species of human with DNA connections to modern Tibetans, which may have inspired Himalayan folk tales of `wild men' who would later become known as `yetis'.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Mark Evans
Director Steve Gooder
Executive Producer Harry Marshall
Executive Producer Laura Marshall
Producer Steve Gooder