Mickey Rooney Cries No More

Series 1 - Episode 3 Mickey Rooney Cries No More



Levitation Boy has seemingly fallen to his death, but since his abilities were limited to only three feet of levitation, foul play seems the likely cause. As a lethal powers-enhancing drug is unleashed on the public, detectives Walker and Pilgrim seek out the criminal mastermind behind it with the help of the iconic Retro Girl. Meanwhile, Royalle uses his own powers to teleport into the jail cell of his former mentor, `Big Bad' Wolfe. Fantasy crime drama, starring Sharlto Copley.

Cast & Crew

Christian Walker Sharlto Copley
Deena Pilgrim Susan Heyward
Johnny Royalle Noah Taylor
Calista Secor Olesya Rulin
Captain Cross Adam Godley
Simons Aaron Farb
Krispin Stockley Max Fowler
Retro Girl Michelle Forbes
Zora Logan Browning
Brian Stockley Brian Lafontaine
Candace Stockley Claire Bronson
`Big Bad' Wolfe Eddie Izzard
Triphammer Andrew Sensenig
Dr Death David Ury
Kutter Justice Leak
Blue Magma E Roger Mitchell
Chaotic Chick Shelby Steel
Zerotron X Linds Edwards
Director David Petrarca
Executive Producer David Alpert
Executive Producer David Engel
Executive Producer Frank Fratteroli
Executive Producer Lawrence Mattis
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