Jutland: WWI's Greatest Sea Battle

Jutland: WWI's Greatest Sea Battle



The Battle of Jutland has been stirring controversy for a century. Among the debates is, who won? There’s no simple answer, but this documentary, featuring the grandson of Admiral Jellicoe, whose cautious leadership was much criticised at the time, clears up a few historical mysteries using hi-tech sonar of the wrecks.

Jellicoe failed to press home his advantage when the British and German fleets met in the North Sea on 31 May 1916, so the British public didn’t get the “second Trafalgar” they had hoped for. Here, computer reconstructions of the engagement provide a chilling sense of its scale and violence.


Re-examining the events of the First World War sea battle, during which thousands of British sailors lost their lives in less than 24 hours. Nick Jellicoe, the grandson of the admiral who led the British forces, hopes to salvage his grandfather's reputation. He joins a scientific expedition making a comprehensive survey of the area to discover where all the sunken ships are to be found, which leads to some surprising revelations.

Cast & Crew

Director Dominic Ozanne
Executive Producer Crispin Sadler