Casualties of War

Series 5 - Episode 4 Casualties of War



Could this be the end for the famously succinct wartime detective? It looks like it in this 2007 story when his principles are pushed beyond their breaking point.

It’s 1943 in Hastings and in Foyle’s War terms it’s a time when criminals are good-hearted scallywags, when foreigners are mysterious and wear velvet smoking jackets, and when a secret project that’s vital to the war effort is jeopardised by a murder.

Detective Chief Superintendent Foyle (the splendid Michael Kitchen) comes up against a Barnes Wallis-type inventor when scandal threatens to engulf this vital work, but despite his entreaties that nothing can be allowed to get in its way, Foyle remains unmoved. Actually, nothing much ever moves Foyle – not even the arrival on his doorstep, unannounced, of the goddaughter he hasn’t seen for ten years.


The detective's god-daughter Lydia and her son James - who is severely traumatised by a bombing at his school - come to stay unexpectedly. Struggling to look after the lad when his mother goes missing, Foyle's life suffers a further complication when the body of a local man is found near a military centre - leading him into the top-secret world of weapons research. Kate Fleetwood and Michael Jayston guest star, with Michael Kitchen and Honeysuckle Weeks.

Cast & Crew

Det Chief Supt Christopher Foyle Michael Kitchen
Samantha Stewart Honeysuckle Weeks
Sgt Paul Milner Anthony Howell
Terry Morgan Harry Eden
Frank Morgan Gerard Kearns
Jose Oliviera de Perez Stanley Townsend
Lydia Nicholson Kate Fleetwood
James Nicholson Joshua Lewis
Captain Boothroyd Richard Clothier
Professor Henry Townsend Dermot Crowley
Hans Lindemann Soren Byder
Sgt Brooke Jay Simpson
Evelyn Richards Abigail Cruttenden
Michael Richards Kevin Doyle
Assistant Commissioner Parkins Michael Jayston
Hendry Shane Attwooll
Riley Nigel Harrison
Howarth Roger Monk
Nicholas Dominic Howell
George Woodridge Sam Beazley
Mother Superior Stephanie Jacob
Edith Ashford Caroline Martin
Director Tristram Powell
Executive Producer Jill Green
Producer Keith Thompson
Writer Anthony Horowitz
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