Raconteur of the Funeral Circuit

Series 1 - Episode 6 Raconteur of the Funeral Circuit



The staff of the LA Powers division gather to honour the four officers killed in the fight with Wolfe. Having seen what Sway has done to his former friends, Johnny Royalle regrets distributing the drug and takes steps to make up for it by using his teleport powers to remove the drug directly from users' bloodstreams. Fantasy crime drama, based on the Marvel comic-book series, starring Sharlto Copley and Noah Taylor.

Cast & Crew

Christian Walker Sharlto Copley
Deena Pilgrim Susan Heyward
Johnny Royalle Noah Taylor
Calista Secor Olesya Rulin
Captain Cross Adam Godley
Krispin Stockley Max Fowler
Brian Stockley Brian Lafontaine
Candace Stockley Claire Bronson
`Big Bad' Wolfe Eddie Izzard
Retro girl Michelle Forbes
Director Mikael Salomon
Executive Producer David Alpert
Executive Producer David Engel
Executive Producer Frank Fratteroli
Executive Producer Lawrence Mattis
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