DC's Legends of Tomorrow


Series 1 - Episode 16 Legendary



With no clues as to Savage, Carter and Kendra's whereabouts, Rip decides it's time to return the team members to their normal lives, but it's not long before they decide that they cannot leave their mission uncompleted. They return to the Waverider and quickly learn that Vandal Savage is in France in 1944 and is using Kendra and Carter's blood to unlock the technology he needs to erase all of history.

Cast & Crew

Dr Martin Stein Victor Garber
Leonard Snart/Captain Cold Wentworth Miller
Ray Palmer/The Atom Brandon Routh
Jefferson `Jax''Jackson/Firestorm Franz Drameh
Sara Lance/White Canary Caity Lotz
Rip Hunter Arthur Darvill
Kendra Saunders/Hawkgirl Ciara Renee
Mick Rory/Heat Wave Dominic Purcell
Vandal Savage Casper Crump
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