The Hotel Inspector

Hotel Continental, Harwich

Series 12 - Episode 3 Hotel Continental, Harwich



For, I think, the first time ever Alex Polizzi decides the only answer is to sell up. The Continental in Harwich, Essex, is a quirky 14-roomed hotel run by Gordon and Blossom. He’s a poet and creative who looks like Professor Dumbledore and is “either a genius or a mad man”, according to Alex (although later she concludes, “He’s charming but completely irritating”).

The real problem, apart from his crazy decor ideas, is a mountain of debt that even Alex thinks is insurmountable. It would take them ten years of 100% occupancy to pay it off.


Alex Polizzi visits The Hotel Continental in Harwich, Essex, a quirky 14-bedroom hotel that overlooks the beach and boasts unique, individually designed rooms. However, a downturn in business in the area has resulted in a sharp decrease in bookings, leaving owners Gordon and Blossom Hoyles in dire financial straits due to huge debts and missed payments. When Alex arrives, she discovers that the creative couple are yet to face up to their predicament and she is forced to deliver her toughest advice.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Alex Polizzi
Executive Producer Dan Adamson
Executive Producer Rachel Innes-Lumsden
Executive Producer Becky Clarke
Series Director Chris Williams
Series Producer Sharon Ryan
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