Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch

The Drive In

Series 2 - Episode 2 The Drive In



Tilly has two guests today: Cruz Beckham and the Cookie Monster. But which one will be any use helping her make a giant chocolate-chip cookie?


The Cookie Monster pays a surprise visit, so Matilda Ramsay gets his help and together they set to work making a giant chocolate-chip treat. The Ramsay Bunch has planned a drive-in movie night in the back garden, and as darkness falls its members set to work. Along with their friend Cruz Beckham they build the outdoor screen, while Matilda cooks margherita and pepperoni pizza with a rainbow salad. As well as cooking, Matilda makes a prank film and the whole family falls for her tricks - even dad Gordon.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Matilda Ramsay
Contributor Gordon Ramsay
Actor Tana Ramsay
Actor Jack Ramsay
Actor Holly Ramsay
Actor Megan Ramsay
Executive Producer Paul Ratcliffe
Executive Producer Pat Llewellyn
Executive Producer Gordon Ramsay
Executive Producer Hugh Lawton
Executive Producer Sue Murphy
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