Series 1 - Episode 6



Marcella has a way of overriding my critical faculties. Watching it, I get pulled up by hokey scenes or odd dialogue. It veers from realistic to theatrical. I’m never convinced Anna Friel or her colleagues resemble murder detectives, or that property developers resemble Sinéad Cusack. But who cares? In spite of all this, it’s perversely gripping and strange. Although – call me a pessimist – I don’t hold out much hope that when eight episodes are up, the script will find a satisfying way to tie off its plotlines; we’ll see.

A fraught Marcella is on the trail of whoever has snatched six-year-old May. It’s a desperate pursuit and it has a painful resonance for her.


The killer's next victim is a six-year-old girl, which devastates Marcella, and a DNA match gives the police team its strongest lead yet. Meanwhile, DI Tim Williamson investigates Andrew Barnes' death - was it really suicide? Crime drama, starring Anna Friel and Jamie Bamber.

Cast & Crew

Marcella Backland Anna Friel
Ronnie Weir Toby Wharton
DCI Laura Porter Nina Sosanya
DI Rav Sangha Ray Panthaki
DC Alex Dier Charlie Covell
Beth Bacan Shivani Kapur
May Weir Grace Taylor
Sylvie Gibson Sinead Cusack
Stephen Holmes Patrick Baladi
DC Mark Travis Jack Doolan
Emma Backland Imogen Faires
DI Tim Williamson Jamie Bamber
Jason Backland Nicholas Pinnock
Bendek Krol Emil Hostina
Stuart Callaghan Stephen Lord
Matthew Neil Ben Cura
Yann Hall Tobias Santelmann
Henry Gibson Harry Lloyd
Andrew Barnes George Anton
Edward Backland Asher Flowers
Mo El-Sayed Yasen Atour
Alesha T'nia Miller
Director Jonathan Teplitzky
Executive Producer Tony Wood
Executive Producer Nicola Larder
Executive Producer Hans Rosenfeldt
Producer Andrew Woodhead
Writer Hans Rosenfeldt
Writer Mark Greig
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