Series 4 - Episode 1 Invasion



American GIs arrive in Hastings to a mixed welcome and Foyle is called on to calm the locals. But his attempts at soothing relations are jeopardised when a barmaid's involvement with a visiting soldier results in murder, leading the detective to defy orders to keep the peace and solve the case. Wartime crime drama, starring Michael Kitchen, Anthony Howell, Honeysuckle Weeks and Keith Barron.

Cast & Crew

Christopher Foyle Michael Kitchen
Paul Milner Anthony Howell
Sam Stewart Honeysuckle Weeks
David Barrett Keith Barron
Captain John Kieffer Jay Benedict
Alan Carter Philip Jackson
Stan Davies John McArdle
Sgt Jack O'Connor Corey Johnson
Joe Farnetti Jonah Lotan
James Taylor Peter Youngblood Hills
Ian Brooke Jay Simpson
Susan Davies Zoe Tapper
Dr Mark Rogers Andrew MacLachlan
Harold Grayson Peter Jonfield
Will Grayson Sam Hazeldine
Mary Davies Jane Wood
GI 1 Jacob Gaffney
GI 2 Brian Flaherty
Ben Barrett Tom Bennett
Jeremy Simms Michael Parkhouse
Director Gavin Millar
Executive Producer Jill Green
Producer Keith Thompson
Writer Anthony Horowitz
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