Series 1 - Episode 3 Mexico



Steve Backshall’s absurdly cheery dicing-with-death continues in Mexico. There, most people would avoid rattlesnakes; he seeks them out. Most people give saltwater crocodiles a wide berth; he swims with them. “You really have to have your wits about you every single second you’re in the water with crocodiles,” he advises, which makes sense. “That is such a sinister sight, he’s coming towards us, very much with an attitude that says, ‘This is my patch, this is my territory’…I think it’s best we back off a bit…”

Also on his hit list are lionfish. It’s thought six of them were accidentally released during Hurricane Andrew in 1992, and in the years since they’ve destroyed local fish populations.


Steve Backshall heads to Mexico where he gets hands on with a two-metre long rattlesnake, goes swimming with two feisty American crocodiles and dives 25 metres under the sea in search of bull sharks. However, the naturalist runs into trouble when his diving equipment fails and he's out of air.

Cast & Crew

Host Steve Backshall
Executive Producer Sally Evans
Series Director Charlie Bingham
Series Producer Mark Jones