Absolute Justice - Part Two

Series 9 - Episode 12 Absolute Justice - Part Two



Part two of two. Lois is sent an anonymous package detailing the Justice Society's work, Clark discovers his fate, and Icicle embarks on a deadly mission, leaving the veteran superheroes facing a race against time to defeat him.

Cast & Crew

Clark Kent Tom Welling
Chloe Sullivan Allison Mack
Lois Lane Erica Durance
Tess Mercer Cassidy Freeman
Oliver Queen/Green Arrow Justin Hartley
Amanda Waller Pam Grier
John Jones/Martian Manhunter Phil Morris
Dr Emil Hamilton Alessandro Juliani
Carter Hall/Hawkman Michael Shanks
Kent Nelson/Dr Fate Brent Stait
Icicle Wesley MacInnes
Director Tom Welling
Writer Geoff Johns
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