Series 7 - Episode 16 Hearing



Hey, it’s the final season. Let’s cut loose with an opening montage of Alicia enjoying a dirty weekend at home with – well, if you saw last week’s episode, you’ll know. Eating pizza in their underwear, showering together, lying on the bed watching Roar, the 1981 film in which Melanie Griffith is bitten by a lion. Then let’s segue into a doorbell farce, culminating in half the cast standing in the kitchen, with Alicia still in a dressing gown, flustered. Enormous fun.

The serious business: we meet Peter’s prosecutor. He’s played by Glee’s Matthew Morrison, who sports a hilarious furry beard – and it turns out that to stay one step ahead of this guy, Eli needs to ply his trade in… the courthouse toilet. Not so serious after all.


Eli is desperate to find out what the grand jury hearing involving Peter is about. Alicia's mother Veronica needs help after falling victim to a scam, and Diane comes to Alicia with a business proposition. Legal drama, starring Julianna Margulies, Alan Cumming, Christine Baranski and Stockard Channing.

Cast & Crew

Alicia Florrick Julianna Margulies
Cary Agos Matt Czuchry
Eli Gold Alan Cumming
Lucca Quinn Cush Jumbo
David Lee Zach Grenier
Jason Crouse Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Diane Lockhart Christine Baranski
Veronica Loy Stockard Channing
Owen Cavanaugh Dallas Roberts
Connor Fox Matthew Morrison
Roland Hlavin John Magaro
Gino Davidson NIck Mennell
Mike Tascioni Will Patton
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